Candle Kit

Candle Kit


So happy to introduce to you our new Fleur Candle Kit.

The Fleur Candle kit  is the perfect gift to yourself or for anyone who likes getting creative.
The kit is presented in an eco friendly box and you will receive all the ingredients you need to make your very own candles.


How it works: this is kit is for beginners and it comes with some easy to use instructions as well as eco friendly ingredients. 
Just follow our step by step guide and if you need more help we will have a video available on instagram where we show you how to create the candles.


Each kit includes: 

- Soy Wax 

- 2 wicks 

- 6 dyes (orange, blue, lilac, lime, pink and red)

- 2 stirrers that double up as wick holders  

- 2 Fleur moulds 

- 1 boiler


PS: You can add your own scent by adding a tiny few drops of essential oils (once the wax is melted) but be wary of dosage.

Can’t wait to see your candles!